• User Experience (UX) Designer
  • Content Design
  • Interaction (IxD) Designer
  • User Interface (UI) Designer
  • Visual Designer
  • Information Architecture


Interaction Design:

  • High-fidelity interactive prototypes

UX/UI Design:

  • Stakeholders Interview

  • Competitive analysis

  • User surveys and one-on-one interviews

  • Personas

  • User journeys and task flows

  • Site map

  • Low-fidelity wireframes

  • High-fidelity mockups and prototypes

  • Design system and UI kit

  • Usability tests and findings


Project Specifications

Duration: 9 Months


    • Sketch

    • Invision

    • Whimsical

    • Miro

The Challenge

Empowering Quick Decisions

The primary problem for consumers is the difficulty and complexity in initiating an application and understanding multiple financing options, which hinders their ability to make informed decisions promptly, delaying their ability to move forward with desired purchases.

The User Reserach

Enhancing User Experience: Understanding Consumer Challenges and Optimizing the CareCredit to Allegro MVP through Unmoderated Studies

The UX team conducted user research to understand better the challenges consumers face. They conducted interviews, surveys, and usability testing of the current Care Credit application process. The team found that users needed help understanding the differences between Allegro and Setpay and determining which option best suited their needs.

We will conduct a series of unmoderated studies to test the usability of the Consumer Self-Service (CSS) CareCredit to Allegro waterfall MVP:
Validate the usability of the CSS CareCredit to Allegro waterfall MVP experience. 
Identify future opportunities by unpacking needs and pain points the user has concerning healthcare financing products


A Deep Dive into User Profiles and Behaviors

  • Providers:  Various hospitals, veterinary clinics, dental centers, and private medical practice firms
  • The Provider clients

Design Ideation

Sparking Creativity:

The Journey Through Design Ideation

Based on user research, I began to ideate solutions to the problem. They proposed a streamlined application process, better information presentation regarding Allegro and Setpay, and a comparison tool to help users decide their financing options.

Prototyping & The Usability Testing

From Conception to Reality:

Prototyping and Usability Testing in Design

The UX team developed wireframes and clickable prototypes of the new design. These prototypes were tested with users, and feedback was gathered.

The participants were selected based on characteristics defined in collaboration with UX Team, CareCredit Consumer Self-Service stakeholders, and the SYF UX Research teams.
Interviewee recruitment was facilitated within the UserBrain platform. 

Geographic Region: USA
Age Demographic: 35+
1. Do you have a CareCredit credit card
A. Yes  B. No
2. Which of the following best describes your credit score?
A. 300-400  B. 401-500  C. 501-600 D. 601-700 E. 701+

Final Design Refinement

Polishing the Blueprint:

Final Design and Refinement in UX Process

Based on the user feedback, the UX team made necessary refinements to the design. The final design presented a simplified application process, clear information about Allegro and Setpay, and a comparison tool to help users decide between the two.

The Wireframe

This UX design use case improved the application process for Synchrony Bank Care Credit, making it easier for consumers to understand their financing options and make informed decisions quickly.