Salesforce CRM, Supply Chain Management, Banking Financial, Data Visualization

Salesforce CRM

Outdated CRM system, unimproved for two years, cumbersome and confusing, causing demotivation among sales reps, stress, client communication issues, and a challenging learning curve.

Finance and Banking

Empowering Quick Decisions: Reforming Application Initiation and Financing Option Selection for Consumers

Empowering Sales Performance Management

Enhancing Decision-Making and Performance Analysis through AI-Powered Sales Performance Management Dashboard

Data Visualization + AI & GDS

Unleashing the Power of Data Visualization integrated with Artificial Intelligence and Global Design System at Nielsen.

Virtual Office

Designing a Customer Service Platform creates an immersive collaborative environment to drive productivity and engagement while building a sense of belongingness with the company’s culture/brand.

Supply Chain Management

Mastering Logistics: An Insight into Supply Chain Management


The Executives, The Sales Managers, and The Sellers are monitoring their sales activities from metrics dashboard.

Mobile App Designs

 Artificial Intelligence (AI) App, Augmented Reality (AR) App,  Progressive Web Apps (PWA).


Inter-American Foundation

A peer-to-peer communication platform for IAF grantees in Latin America and the Caribbean.




 Redesign project for my fox DC to apply UX and Visual Hierarchy.


Bed Bath & Beyond Restructuring

As a leader in home decorating retailing, Bed Bath & Beyond has decided to expand its services to include additional planning and buying for its customers. It wants to make it easier for people to find inspiring design ideas and create “the look” they’re interested in their won home.

Assassin's Creed

Website design and Branding.