Artificial Intelligence on Checking Out

Design Brief

Redesign the mobile checkout form for a new user at an e-commerce site and app, to make it more usable and enjoyable, and to reduce the likelihood of errors.

The Challenge

Most of the new e-commerce users have the same frustration with a long boring checkout form that they have to fill out


    The Process

    To design the mockups, I started it with sketch up the ideas on a piece of paper.

    Design Inspirations

    Low Fidelity Mockups

    High Fidelity Mockups

    The Solution

    I am using Artificial Intelligence/Virtual Assistant, to fill the checkout form for the new user on this e-commerce solution.

    With a virtual assistant:
    Users can easily fill the checkout form without frustration.
    Users feel they are talking with a real human.


    Next Step

    When designing a Virtual Assistant solution, we can make the solution support interactions through both text and voice when possible.
    Users should be able to ask questions and receive answers as if they were talking to a human with abundant knowledge of the subject matter.

    I can continue designing the users flow, the interactions, the style guide when users engage the Virtual Assistant.